J&K Police Plans to Blacklist ‘Accused’s Using Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Jammu and Kashmir police office is aiming to present a facial recognition technology (FRT) system in the Union Territory with an intelligence base that is equipped for putting away subtleties of more than 10,000 individuals in a ‘watchlist’. Through the FRT framework, J&K Police can likewise ‘blacklist’ people that they consider as dubious, the other way around ‘whitelist’ them, and get alerts dependent on these activities.

These factors are important for J&K Police to present 200 facial recognition empowered CCTV cameras, and expanding CCTV reconnaissance of the Union Territory by incorporating it with existing observation system, empowering geological information system (GIS) planning, etc. The police drifted a delicate to present these advancements and name a framework integrator for the CCTV reconnaissance organization.

Such uses of facial recognition technology portray the current situation with reconnaissance in India and where it’s going without even a trace of hearty information protection laws. Also, that the most recent draft of India& Data Protection Bill says that the Central Government will have the position to absolve any office of the public authority (like J&K Police) from the arrangements of the demonstration, liable to simply, reasonable, sensible, and proportionate strategy

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