Impact of Geopolitical Factors on Global Security Market   

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Major Contributors of Physical Security

Countries such as Asia, America as well as Western Europe play major role in physical security equipment manufacturing and associated technological advancements including Video Surveillance Devices, Access Control, Intrusion Detection Systems, etc., thus having minimal impact on the global security market from the sanctions.    

Impact On IT Solutions

Compared To The Physical Security Industry, The Cybersecurity Sector Is More Likely To Be Affected By The Sanctions Leaving Online Communication Platforms Vulnerable To Cyber-Attacks Especially After The Increased Usage Of Such Platforms Due To The Transformation Of Work Style Caused By The Ongoing Pandemic. 

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Biometric headlines

Energy Consumption & Home Automation

In many countries, maintaining energy consumption to the minimum is a difficult task leading to increased energy prices as well as shortage of sustainable energy. Adoption of home automation with smart devices and solar systems would not only minimize the power utilization and save energy but also reduce carbon footprint on eco-system.

Importance of Perimeter Security

The recent events caused by the global geopolitical tensions have indicated the importance of physical security solutions such as access control and perimeter security systems not only across borders but also for individual bodies and critical infrastructure facilities. 

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Is Digital Identity Getting Momentum?

Identity verification and authentication solutions are playing a crucial role in helping authorities with respect to influx of refugees in the current crisis as well as the safe return of nationals to their homelands. Digital authentication solutions such as KYB and KYC are also playing significant roles internationally.

Hindrances in Supply Chain

Raw materials procurement for security equipment manufacturing could be hampered by the economic sanctions as well as halted transportation of commodities due to border restrictions. However, these factors may not have harsh impacts on the production capabilities as there are alternative sources available for security components.      

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