Facial Recognition

Face recognition is a method of verifying the identity of a person utilizing their face. Face recognition systems can be utilized to detect people in real time, photos, video, Human face is not only used for social interactions but also widely used to unlock various devices. This specific technology is well known as Face recognition. It utilizes the human face as a password for various devices using biometric face recognition technology. A person is no longer needed to remember passwords that can be easily lost, forgotten, or stolen. As technology evolves, facial recognition system is becoming more potential in various industries varying from Enterprises, Law enforcement, Retail, to Hospitality

Face scanner is the future generation recognition system that offers an exceptionally versatile human verification process. Its application is not limited for the security concerns only but also swiftly expands the outreach in a commercial domain, Facial recognition system captures images or video or real time videos to recognize a person through a certain distance as it does not require any physical contact with the person. The images taken will be in the form of nodal points that is assessed with the existing nodal points present in the system to detect a pre-registered person the touchless system rendered by biometrics face recognition technology offers a safe, quick, and reliable solution as compared to other biometric recognition systems like Palm Vein Scanner, fingerprint scanner, IRIS Scanner.

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