Indian Govt Suspended Biometric Attendance for Government Employees

India’s Central Government is suspending its use of biometric attendance for government employees. The decision is effective immediately for all central ministries and departments and will suspended until January 31. 

The news comes less than two months after the Central Government resumed its use of biometric attendance. The Indian Govt suspended its biometric attendance program due to health concerns following the initial outbreak of COVID-19& Omicron Variant, The Government Is Anticipating That Its Second Suspension Of Biometric Attendance Will Help Curtail The Spread Of The Disease. The Decision Was Confirmed By Jitendra Singh, India’s Minister Of State

Government Employees Asked To Register Their Attendance In Manual Registers For The Period Of The Suspension. They Will Also Be Expected To Observe The Government’s Health And Safety Measures, Including Wearing Mask Mandates And Social Distancing. For Personnel.

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