Frankfurt Airport Collaborates With SITA and NEC to Introduce a Biometric Pass Solution

Frankfurt Airport is collaborating with SITA & NEC to introduce a biometric pass solution that will allow passengers to breeze through the airport journey, from check-in to boarding. The solution is set to be rolled out and available to all airlines at the airport starting this year. The solution combines day of travel enrolment, Star Alliance Biometrics and additional biometric hubs under the SITA Smart Path platform. It allows Lufthansa passengers to use their biometric identity to check in, drop their bags and board without further process steps across participating airports or airlines.

Passengers will be able to breeze through the airport journey

Frankfurt Airport has collaborated with SITA and NEC to introduce biometric pass-through for check-in, security and boarding, removing the need for a ticket and ID card at each touchpoint. Using passengers’ digital identity, a temporary digital token is created and the face of the passenger is recognised across all touchpoints. The resulting process is far more efficient than conventional methods where an individual must produce their passport, visa or health credentials at check-in and boarding. These checks can take up to five or six seconds each, whereas the same process with facial recognition is completed in less than two seconds. This technology, paired with the new IATA-developed industry standard on “Digitalization of Admissibility,” will further streamline travelers’ journeys. This enables them to obtain advance pre-travel authorizations and then digitally prove their admissibility to international destinations before a stop at a check-in desk or boarding gate is required.

Passengers will be able to use their digital identity on their mobile device

In a move to enhance the passenger experience, Frankfurt Airport has collaborated with aviation IT provider SITA & technology and electronics company NEC to introduce biometric pass-through at check-in, drop off and boarding. From this spring, passengers will be able to use facial recognition from their mobile device at all touchpoints throughout their journey. By scanning a high definition camera, the system compares the image of a passenger’s face to the information stored in the airport system, allowing for seamless identification.

The new tech is a joint effort by SITA and NEC and will be available to all airlines using the airport. This innovation will also allow for fast and easy access to VIP lounges and shopping in retail stores. A growing number of airlines are launching digital IDs to enable passengers to make online purchases without having to show a physical passport. Apple Wallet is now supporting this function in Arizona and plans to roll out support in Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah later this year.

Passengers will be able to check-in at a kiosk or counter

The world’s largest airport operator, Fraport, collaborates with IT provider SITA & tech integrator NEC to introduce biometric pass-through technology. This will allow passengers to scan their faces at biometric touchpoints across the airport and complete each stage of the journey from check-in to boarding. Currently, there are several ways that passengers can check-in at the airport: Online check-in, kiosks or counters. Online check-in enables passengers to confirm their ticket details and passenger information, print a boarding pass and access additional services like seat selection, luggage tags printing or frequent flyer benefits. Kiosks are self-service check-in devices that let travelers check-in themselves for their flight by using their PNR code (booking number), e-ticket, boarding pass or passport. Once they’ve completed the process, passengers can check their baggage and proceed to the boarding area without waiting in line. The new system is a ‘common use’ biometric platform, that is open to all airlines that operate at Frankfurt Airport. It combines day of travel enrolment, Star Alliance Biometrics and fully capable biometric hubs, integrated under the SITA Smart Path platform.

Passengers will be able to pass through security

From this spring, passengers at Frankfurt Airport will be able to complete their airport journey from check-in to boarding by scanning their face at biometric touchpoints. This innovative project, in collaboration with SITA & NEC, is set to simplify the passenger experience by providing an end-to-end common-use biometric platform for all airlines operating at Fraport. Passengers will be able to scan their faces at kiosks, counters and pre-security automated gates using the NEC I:Delight digital identity management platform, which is fully integrated with SITA Smart Path. SITA said that the solution will cut wait times at luggage collection to 15 seconds. It will also help to enhance efficiencies at the airport and ensure the same high level of service across all terminals. Developed in accordance with data protection laws, the system stores personal identification information securely within the Star Alliance Biometrics platform and does not store customer names. It is available at no cost to Miles & More members.

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