Do Fingerprints Change When You Get Older?

Fingerprints are unique to each person and begin forming before birth. They are a product of the way layers of skin grow, which is why no two people have identical prints – even identical twins.

People use fingerprints for many reasons, including unlocking phones and getting access to secure areas. Fingerprint scans are also a common method of identification in the workplace.

Fingerprints are a unique form of biometrics that are stable over time, making them an ideal method for identification. While an individual’s fingerprints can become slightly worn over the course of their lifetime, this is not enough to cause a significant change in the ridge patterns.

Fingerprint ridges can be temporarily affected by scars, acid, or certain skin conditions, but these effects are usually temporary and will grow back within a month. Additionally, workers that use their fingertips often in heavy activities, such as construction workers or people that wash dishes by hand, may experience a slight change in the appearance of their fingerprints due to the increased wear and tear on their fingertips.

Similarly, an injury such as a permanent scar will not change an individual’s fingerprint. This is because the underlying pattern of an individual’s fingerprints is formed before birth, during the first trimester of pregnancy. This makes them a reliable means of identity that is consistent across their lifespan, even if their fingertips are scarred or diseased.

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