Biometrics in International Airports


The introduction of biometric screening systems at international airports is an important development for the future of airports. According to IATA forecasts, passenger traffic will double in 20 years, reaching 7.8 billion passengers. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the commercial aviation industry. However, the expected increase in traffic will more than offset the effects of the virus. The only way for airports to cope with the increasing load is to install biometric screening systems. This technology is essential in eliminating long queues and could prevent a global capacity crisis.

The benefits of biometric screening are numerous. It can reduce the risk of diseases and increase the speed of checkpoints. For example, a study published in the journal of medicine found that biometrics can be used to prevent global pandemics. It can also help prevent the spread of infectious disease. Although it’s still early in the implementation process, it shows that the technology is an important tool for airports.

In the same study, CBP estimated that biometric screening is not without risks. But despite the costs, it has a positive impact on airport revenues. By making the process faster, passengers can spend more time on other activities, such as shopping. Another benefit of using biometrics at international airports is an increase in non-aviation revenue. A recent study published by the Airports Council International concluded that the use of biometrics at airports increases the revenue of airport shops.

In a recent study, the use of biometrics at Beijing Capital International Airport significantly accelerated passenger processes, resulting in 400 passengers being processed in 20 minutes. The system allows airline agents to enroll passengers and provides a low-touch journey through the airport, minimizing contact with the passengers and minimizing the risk of Covid-19. The Star Alliance has partnered with SITA to deliver the SITA Smart Path in a multi-national airports environment, enabling the delivery of multiple biometric projects simultaneously.

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