Biometric Facial Recognition Technology

CoWIN Platform for Digital Health Passes

India is planning to allow the usage of CoWIN platform for digital health passes and COVID track-and-trace applications to other countries.       

Facial Recognition Technology is Blooming

Facial biometrics as well as other touchless methods including palm recognition is going to dominate user identity authentication procedures in the upcoming years.

Behavioral Biometrics: A Dawn of New Era

Techno giants are gearing up with behavioral biometrics as a way of user identification authentication for Banking, Point of Sale, etc.

Aadhaar Mandatory to avail Social Security Benefits

Aadhaar is going to be mandatory as a biometric identification proof to avoid social security benefits going to the same person with multiple names.

Voice Enabled Fuel Payments

Europe is working on a project to enable fuel payments through voice recognition without the necessity to leave from the car.

Biometric Payment Cards

Fingerprint based payment cards including Mastercard, Visa are gaining interest among customers worldwide due to fast as well as secure transactions, that speed up processes at heavily crowded retail places.

BSID Integrated with National Maritime Logistics Portal

India’s Biometric Seafarers Identity Document (BSID) has been integrated with the National Maritime Logistics Portal for reducing the issuance time for new digital ID cards from 5 or 6 days to 1 day.

Make in India 2.0: Focus on 27 Sectors   

Make in India initiative has made substantial accomplishments and currently focusing on 27 sectors under Make in India 2.0 including manufacturing sectors and service sectors.

Fingerprint Biometrics is Growing Again: Despite Pandemic?

Techno giants including Apple Inc., are supporting investments in Fingerprint scanners for passport enrolment, fingerprint payment cards, fingerprint sensors on mobile phones, etc.

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